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Study on the Principles of Base Change in 4-fold Degenerate Sites of Protein Coding Genes

Lu Baisong : Huang Peitang

Molecular Genetics Gentre Acadmy of Military Medicine Sciences Beijing 100850


The relationship of transition and transversion of base change in 4-fold degenerate sites of coding genes of 6 proteins, which showed 70% homology in wmposition investigated.Taking into account of the effects of base composition on base substitution, it was found that the transition-transversion bias was evident but not as pronouned as in mitochondrial DNA. Comparison of different kinds of transition or transversion indicated that they happened with rather equal vate, with 0.65-0.73 for different kinds of transversion and 0.99 for A-G transition assuming that T-C transition was 1. The causes for transition-transversion bias is discussed and it is proposed that mutagens may play a a role in it.

Keywords 4-fold degenerate sites   Transition Transversion Transition-transversion bias  
Received 1900-01-01 Revised 1900-01-01 Online 1996-09-10 
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